Knives for cooking, hunting, pigging, fishing, survival, bush craft and more are all available.

We prefer to forge blades from high carbon steel; it’s stronger and holds its sharp edge for longer. We have a range of Cerakote colours to choose from, which helps protect the steel from patina. Damascus steel and stainless-steel blades can also be ordered. 

Our knife handles are primarily crafted from Australian hardwood timbers and burls, which are exceptionally hard-wearing and polish up beautiful.  G10 synthetic is available in a range of colours and deer antler or bone is another option for your knife handle. Custom sheaths from leather, Kydex or wood, or knife blocks can be made to suit your order if required.

Your Gidgee Knife can be a simple design or as decorative as you like. Take a look through our gallery for inspiration or contact us now if you know what you’re after.

Kitchen Knives — Gidgee Knives are lightweight and exceptionally sharp making food prep easy. Kitchen knife sets, carving sets, steak knives and more are available. So, whether you’re a home cook connoisseur or consider yourself a masterchef you need Gidgee Knives in the kitchen.

Hunting and Butcher Knives — pig stickers, skinning knives, boning knives are all available. Their strength and durability will get the job done right first time, so don’t mess around get yourself a Gidgee.

Filleting Knives — whether you’ve just hauled in a big one or caught a tasty fish for dinner you’re going to need a good filleting knife next. Everyone prefers their own style so we custom make Gidgee filleting knives to suit you; whether you like it long, short, thick, thin, firm or flexible; just let us know.

Bush Knives — every man, woman or child heading into the bush needs a knife. Our range of Gidgee bush knives includes large or small blades, machetes, panangs, axes, tomohawks and more. Perhaps you’ve seen a knife you love the look of – send us a pic and we’ll custom build to your needs.

Throwing Knives — throw them at the wall, throw them at a target but just don’t throw them at your wife! Gidgee throwing knives are perfectly weighted and balanced for the best shot every time.

Straight Razors — if you want a razor for the closest cleanest shave then you’ve gotta get a Gidgee Cutthroat.

Replica Knives — are you a medieval enthusiast or a military buff? Do you love a fine sword or replica bayonet? Talk to us about your passion for blades, at Gidgee Knives we’re happy to work with you on a preferred design.

Sheaths — custom sheaths can be created to suit your knife or set of knives. Moulded leather sheaths or knife rolls are particularly popular, especially with an insignia or an initial tooled into the leather. We also work with Kydex, a thermoplastic sheet, which can be moulded, and is often used for firearm holsters and knife sheaths. Wooden knife blocks or individual display stands can also be crafted to suit your needs. Ask us about a sheath when you place your order.

Leatherwork — custom made arm bands, archery bracers, belts, dog collars and more are available; all you have to do is ask. Go to the contact us page HERE

Metalcraft— artistic pieces, black smithing and forged steel designs are all a possibility through Gidgee Knives. Plasma cutting for intricate metalwork designs including fire pits, gate names, letterbox numbers, garden ornaments, door displays and more is also available. Perhaps you’re after some replica armour or ornate metalwork? Have you seen something you like? Tell us about it.