G’day and welcome to Gidgee Knives!

Knifemaker Scottie Simmonds creates high-quality custom knives and tools presented to you as Gidgee Knives. They’re one-of-a-kind, made in Australia and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

There’s one tool you’re likely to use every day, whether it’s in the kitchen, out bush, in the boat, enjoying your hobbies or for just using around the home, and that tool would have to be a good knife. Doesn’t matter if you’re a master of your own craft, or an average Joe or Josephine, a Gidgee Knife will be just what you need to get the job done.

Gidgee Knives have many styles of hunting and fishing knives, butcher knives, kitchen knives, survival knives or replica models. Choose from our range of original designs or bring to us a style of your own, either way we make sure you end up with a quality product that you'll enjoy and even pass down through generations.

Knife repairs, sword restoration and sharpening are also available. Please enquire.

Are you after a custom knife for yourself? Or would you like to spoil a friend?

You gotta get a Gidgee!