About Us

Forging knives has always been an interest. For years I worked on stations, worked with horses, worked for myself, had a family, worked as a photographer, but always managed to find myself back at the anvil with hammer in hand. Now, lucky for me, it’s all about the blades and so Gidgee Knives began.

Handcrafting one-off pieces is exciting. I love it when a customer brings me a design that’s a challenge to work on and the end result is exactly what they’re after. Forging the steel, moulding the handle and polishing the finished product is well worth the work when you hear the gratitude.

Our workshop is set up just outside of Bundaberg QLD, not a bad place to live! But we do get out to an event when we can. My wife Cristel helps me out with a “few” things and I’m slowly teaching our three boys a bit of blacksmithing. Won’t be long and they’ll be able to help me out and pound the anvil!

We look forward to hearing from you or perhaps catching up at an event sometime soon.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.