And So It Grows

Knifemaking in Australia has grown astronomically over the last 10 years and it’s been a privilege to watch it take off. We were all beginners once and , as you know, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so if you want to learn more, please shout out, we’re happy to chat.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to ask us something? Feel free to message via the **contact us** page or find us on Facebook at **Gidgee Knives by Scottie**. But perhaps we’ve already answered your question below, take a look!


we use a range of high carbon, crucible, stainless and many more steels and so prices will vary depending on the make up of each blade.
all care is taken to create you a one-off masterpiece, so hopefully you treat it with the same respect. Clean the blade by giving it a quick wipe after each use and we suggest a light oil applied to the hardwood handles to stop it drying out. Do not put ever put your knife in the dishwasher and be sure to get in touch if you need us to give it a good sharpen and a tidy up.
Postage within Australia, minimum price is $15, which includes the first $100 value insured. If you wish to purchase extra insurance it's $2.50 per $100 value. Orders will be mailed via regular Australia Post services unless an express option is needed. A "sign on delivery" option will be added.
if you’re looking for a gift that is one-of-a-kind, can be personalised, will last a lifetime, and can be passed down for generations then you gotta get a Gidgee! Gidgee Knives gift vouchers are available; all you have to do is ask.
for the most part we use Gidgee timber for its durability and hardeness. You can request other timbers, mostly they will be stabilised. We can also use antler, bone, tooth, synthetics and other handle materials are available.
G10 is a fiberglass based laminate. By soaking layers of fibreglass cloth in resin then compressing and baking it you get a very hard, lightweight, and strong material which is lightweight and ideal for knife handles. The surface texture can be smooth or textured to add grip. G10 is available in a range of colours including two tone. Ask us about what's in stock.
Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured in the USA and often used for firearm holsters and knife sheaths. It can be quickly heated then moulded to suit any particular knife shape.
don’t worry, we care about customer service! All Gidgee Knives and custom orders come with a workmanship warranty. If damage occurs and it's a material fault we will fix it or make a replacement. If you’ve been a tosser though, don’t ask us to fix it. If you need to send something back, you cover the cost of postage to us and we’ll cover the return.
full payment is required to begin your order. Once your design is agreed and payment has cleared a start will be made. An average turn around time can take months, however it can be much quicker, but all depends on current orders, stock availability and design of the knife. If you have a specific date to prepare for, please enquire and we'll do our best, but quality will always come first. Direct bank deposit is preferred payment option, PAYPAL is also available. Bank details are on the Contact Us page.

Care to Handle

Your custom-made knife is meant to be used, please enjoy, but treat it with care

Be sure to always cut on wood or plastic surfaces. Avoid metal, granite, glass or ceramic surfaces that may cause damage to your blade

Your knife is made from a quality high-carbon or stainless steel. If high-carbon, it will patina(discolouration due to oxidation) and if left wet it will rust. Your knife can be easily cleaned and polished with fine steel wool

Be sure to clean your blade immediately after every use. Clean with warm soapy water and wipe dry, do not let it sit wet

NEVER let your custom knife go in the dishwasher

A wooden handle can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and its best practise to keep the handle lightly oiled with some food-grade oil, any will do

Store your knife in a wood knife block or on a wall mounted magnet, avoid storing in drawers unless it is lightly wrapped or has a sheath

Keep the blade sharp by using a steel or ceramic stone. Repair the edge with a diamond or water stone. We are happy to re-sharpen your knife free of charge at any time if you wish to send it back to us

With proper care the knife will be a keepsake for life and can be handed down through generations

Remember, your knife is unique–there is no other like it in the world!

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