Knifemaking Workshops

Scottie has years of experience at the forge and brings forth a wealth of knowledge to share with you. There are four options to participate; get serious about knifemaking with a two-day workshop, bang out your first knife in a day, bring some friends and learn the art of blacksmithing or attend hourly on a regular basis. Scroll down to learn more ...



How to Book Workshops

Please know we are making a knife from scratch in what we call stock removal, in this instance we are not going to be using the gas forge ... but we might spark it up for fun.
There are minimum classes on offer, we encourage you to secure a place early.
Here’s what you need to know and how to book in:

You do not need previous experience as we’ll walk you through each step of the way.
Feel free to bring safety gear if you have your own, we need goggles / glasses, gloves, earmuffs, preferably an apron. We have all that is needed though.
We can be pretty flexible with dates. It can be a weekend, or weekdays, 2 consecutive days or split them. Let's talk about what suits you.
BYO lunch. Classes will be limited to 2 people, three at the most if you all travel together.
Anyone over the age of 14 can join us (ages 14-16 must have a parent or guardian book in with them)
Our workshop is 25mins north of Bundaberg, right by the Kolan River, and near Moore Park Beach. We'll send directions closer to you attending.
We have a couple of designs that are great for first-time knifemakers, but there are options. If there's something in particular you're looking for, let us know.
You will be using many tools, and knifemaking includes many sparks, so you’ll need to have closed-in shoes and wear cotton clothing, preferably long pants and long-sleeve shirt.


Workshop Options

There are four options to join, if none suit your needs, please reach out, we can discuss ideas:

2-day workshop. Design and make your very own knife. Learn advanced knifemaking skills. Keep your unique knife, of course. Learn to make a basic leather sheath. This option is generally one-on-one at $700ea
1-day workshop. Choose from our top 4 knife designs. Learn basics of knifemaking. Keep your unique knife, of course. Max 3 people at $500ea
Come and learn with us. Blacksmithing, forging, metal work & design concepts. Make bottle openers, hooks, handles, or small ornaments – your choice. 4 hours, Max 3-4 people at $250ea
Join us for regular visits. Tinker, forge, create, design, it is up to you. No lock in, and we are flexible with days and times. Plan-managed NDIS participants are welcome. $65ph

CONDITIONS* A payment, in full or 50% deposit, will be required to secure your preferred dates. There will be no refunds, but you can transfer to someone else and / or change dates. We also reserve the right to change the date should something arise.

Please head to the Contact Us tab and send us a message to enquire or book your spot.

We are super excited to meet and work with you to complete your knife, that is unique to you.

Cristel and Scottie

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